Thursday, July 26, 2012

Weather Observations

When you are doing a project like Mommy Summer Camp you find teaching moments in everything.  It brings your motherly intuition to a whole new level!  So when Zane came to me asking me and asked "Is a Katrina coming?" when a tropical storm was headed our way in the gulf I took that opportunity to discuss weather patterns with him. 
I went to the internet and printed out all sorts of worksheets and kid friendly things on the subject (I found a great blog with some useful info here)
So sure enough, that week when we were discussing, we went outside and got to watch a storm roll in.  It was great.  We observed the change in the winds.  The clouds forming and changing and moving.  The birds reacting.  The smell of rain in the air.  The color of the sky.  The moisture in the air.  The rumble of the thunder.  And finally  the drops of rain.  We hussled inside as the rain fell and watched from the window.  Then we watched as the rain fell and watched it puddle on the ground and splash and drain away. 
Now when it rains or the weather changes he is not freaked out, he understands.  He is facinated even.  He wants to observe.  I'm so proud. 

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