Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Zane's LEGO birthday party was a hit!  He loved it all!!
 I think his favorite was the lego board with the number "six"  that he got to help me make.  My favorite was the lego sugar cookies!!  I'm a sucker for a good sugar cookie and these were adorable to boot!  Even better...I didn't have to make these.  I ordered them from The Talented Cookie  on Etsy and it was SO worth it!!
 The favorite of the the kids was the cake!  They all had to pick which color they wanted;)
 I was kinda in love with the favors, the Lego shaped crayons...
 Then Zane and the boys did the Lego car races

 And there was lots of block building on the Lego table!

 Zane was so excited to have his BFF, Bobby there to celebrate his birthday with him;)
 So that's all for this year's party!! We had a blast!

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