Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Super Hero?

Today was super hero day at school today...
So since we have a large selection of random costumes to choose from in Z's closet we just pulled an old one from his room and went with it.  One of his old favs was black spiderman...also know as Venom.  Now for you who are like me and don't speak comic book...Venom is a bad guy.  Z was obssessed with him.  Like crazy obssessed with him.  So we got him the suit and all last year.  We haven't really watched or discussed any Spiderman stuff lately so when the super hero thing came up I didn't even think about it I just pulled the suit out and went with it.  So he gets home and tells me..."Mommy, I dont' want to be black spiderman anymore...I want to be red and blue spiderman now.  I want to be the good spiderman."  Well yeah!  Sweet!  This kid is changing.  I'm one happy momma.  Happy indeed. 

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