Friday, May 30, 2014

Journal Therapy

A little journal therapy;)

So earlier this month we went to a marriage event where Warren Barfield was singing and heard the song "Redbird" for the first time.  It totally made me cry!  It was written to his wife as a love song because of the redbird's dedication and loyalty.  Even in the dead of winter and mounds of snow the redbird never migrates or leaves.  It resonated with me.  It made me think of my childhood dreams of dancing with my husband at my wedding to "Lady in Red" and the poem I wrote to him about how Chinese culture says a woman in red is destined for a happy marriage.  It brought to mind the coincidence that the bird is the symbol I use for my children and my "flock"...I have them tattooed on my body and I even called Liam my baby bird when I was pregnant.  Then the natural connection of the dedication stated in 1 Corinthians 13:7 came to mind.  We read these verses at our wedding.  So much meaning to me.  I love my redbird and I'm gonna be his...forever and I thank God for sending him to me every single day I wake up with air in my lungs.

"Intention" is based on my search for a more intention and personal life.  I've been reading a book called "Notes from a Blue Bike".  Now if you know me, you know I don't read so this takes a lot for me and when I say I'm reading it I mean VERY slowly and prolly won't finish it!  LOL!  Anyway, I've even concluded that God even called us to live intentionally when he asked us to "remain in him".  This too calls for intention. 

The anchor has always been close to my heart.  It has always been a symbol for my husband because he was my rock.  The anchor for our family.  But in reality, our hoe is in the fact that together we are anchored in Christ.  While my husband may "ground" me and serve as my anchor in the sense...Christ is where I anchor my hope and it is an anchor for my soul.

"Patience & Change"
This one was starting to get personal.  I'm undergoing lots of change in this season in my life and waiting on God to reveal some things to me that I feel tugging at my heart so strongly.  It's tough but that's where the patience comes in.  I'm patiently waiting as he he changes me.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A new artistic & spiritual journey

Embarking on a new artistic and spiritual journey.  Over the last few months I feel like God is trying to get my tell me something so I have decided to start an prayer journal in the form of an art journal.  I'm not a traditional journal kinda gal.  Writing just does not come easily to me.  But I love paper and paper crafts so here we go.  I've been dabbling around with watercolors and I'm totally in love.  Here is my cover and first few pages.

For the "Trials" page, I had had a particularly hard morning when I when to God in prayer during my quiet time and asked God to reveal himself in his word to me...this what he gave me.  Job 1:12.   I think God was trying to remind me that he has my back and I have "first world problems"!  LOL