Thursday, May 15, 2014

A new artistic & spiritual journey

Embarking on a new artistic and spiritual journey.  Over the last few months I feel like God is trying to get my tell me something so I have decided to start an prayer journal in the form of an art journal.  I'm not a traditional journal kinda gal.  Writing just does not come easily to me.  But I love paper and paper crafts so here we go.  I've been dabbling around with watercolors and I'm totally in love.  Here is my cover and first few pages.

For the "Trials" page, I had had a particularly hard morning when I when to God in prayer during my quiet time and asked God to reveal himself in his word to me...this what he gave me.  Job 1:12.   I think God was trying to remind me that he has my back and I have "first world problems"!  LOL

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