Friday, July 11, 2014

I Surrender All

I did this page a couple weeks ago and couldn't find the right words or verse to put on it.  I just had an achy heart to wasn't until I heard Beth Moore speaking about "longing" that I found this verse and it all began to make sense.

So on July 6th, I surrendered my heart and answered the call to ministry.  As soon as the decision was made in my heart, that longing I ad been feeling...that was gone.  Now replaced with butterflies...anxious to see what God has planned for me.

When I felt that tug at my heart...that call pulling me to ministry, all I could think was...really God?  ME?  No!  It's not mea you want.  I can't do this.  But he just kept reassuring me.  He kept prompting me.  Until my faith finally stole my doubt!  (Title is from the Warren Barfield, "It's All Good")

So speaking of my trip to see Beth Moore, it was amazing.  Absolutely life changing.  If you ever have an opportunity to see her speak, GO.

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